Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth


This week we dive into the flaming pile of trash of a film, Roger Christian‘s 2000 Battlefield Earth starring: John Travolta, Barry Pepper, Forest Whitaker, Kim Coates, and Sabine Karsenti.

Along the way we ask, just how much Scientology lore is present here, why did John Travolta believe in this project so much, and dare we say, is there potential for a remake? Let’s dive in…

On this episode, we examine how John Travolta’s devotion to Scientology doomed this movie from the start, how an all knowing alien is more boring than compelling, and why this film is not only bad, but a prime example of bad filmmaking.
Listen to the full episode for Sean and Chris‘ choices of Lens Flares, Red Shirts as well as the latest entry of This Week in Toxic Fandom and their not so surprising rating.
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